Bering Strait Bridge, Russia, Alaska

Bering Strait bridge is a hypothetical bridge spanning the relatively narrow straits and shallow Bering between the Chukchi Peninsula in Russia and the Seward Peninsula in the U.S. state of Alaska. In principle, the bridge would provide a land connection between Asia and North America, although there is little infrastructure in areas near Alaska and … Read more

Bering Strait Tunnel, Russia, Alaska

The tunnel under the Bering Strait is a proposed rail tunnel under the Bering Strait, recurrent since the nineteenth century. In 1890, William Gilpin, who was the first territorial governor of Colorado, is the first to imagine such a project as part of a Cosmopolitan Railway, a railway network on a global scale, in his … Read more

Trans-Atlantic tunnel, London, New York

Trans-Atlantic tunnel is a theoretical tunnel under the Atlantic between Europe (London) and North America (New York), so the two continents together to connect. The tunnel would use magnetic levitation trains. With adva