Library of Alexandria

Royal Library of Alexandria or Ancient Library of Alexandria, was in its time the largest in the world. Located in the Egyptian city of Alexandria, is believed to have been created at the beginning of 3rd century AD. by Ptolemy I Soter and came to hold up to 700,000 volumes. A new Bibliotheca Alexandrina, promoted by UNESCO, was inaugurated in 2003 in the same city.

The destruction of the Library of Alexandria is one of the great mysteries of western civilization. There is no clear evidence about its most essential aspects, and have not found the ruins of the museum, with the Serapeo rare. You can however assert without doubt that the Great Library was founded by the Ptolemies was not affected by the War Alejandrina 48 AD., and probably had already disappeared when the Arab invasion, which according to some sources, the Caliph Omar ordered the destruction of thousands of books. Whatever the faults of Christians and Muslims, so the library must be placed in an unspecified time of III or IV century, perhaps in 273, when Emperor Aurelian took and plundered the town, or did the same when Diocle