Stonehenge is a Neolithic monument located near Amesbury in Wiltshire, Great Britain, about thirteen miles north of Salisbury.

 Stonehenge consists of large stone blocks in four concentric circles, the outer diameter of thirty meters, consists of large rectangular sandstone rocks that originally were topped by lintels, also of stone, leaving only seven today in place. Within this outer row is another circle of smaller blocks of blue sandstone. He holds a horseshoe-shaped structure built of sandstone rocks of the same color, it stays in a slab of micaceous sandstone known as the Altar. “

The entire complex is surrounded by a circular moat measuring 104 m in diameter. Within this space stands a bench in the pits that are 56 known as the “Aubrey holes”. The bench and the trench are cut by “Avenue,” a processional path of 23 meters wide and three kilometers long, approximately. Nearby is the ‘Stone of Sacrifice. ” In front is the “Heel Stone”. It consists of a large circle of large megaliths whose construction date to 2500 a. C.  The circle of megaliths surrounding sand is considered the oldest part of the monument has been dated about 3100 a. C.

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